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Aug 18, 2016
Ahmedabad, India
Hello folks,

I'm new to this forums and I am directly rushing to my question. I have Sony VAIO (Model - EH15) with licensed Windows 7 Home Basic. My laptop ran out of internet for few months so hadn't updated as well.

I just connected to Internet yesterday and looked for the updates. Windows found around 143 updates and I applied it for download + installation. Unfortunately some of updates have been failed. Now when I am relooking for the updates nothing comes from "checking for update" - refer below image. I tried to stick with it for hours and also tried to restart with no success. Can I have suggestions please, I have made all necessary updates required (including; Microsoft Security Essential, VAIO update etc.).



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Jan 28, 2013
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Hi and welcome to the forum :up:

Since you're laptop has been off of the Internet for several months, that puts it time-wise back to the beginning of this year-2016 or end of last year-2015. The main 3 events that occurred during that time that might be affecting you are; (1.) W10 upgrade push, (2.) Nov.2015 W10 update, and (3.) the very recent Anniversary Update (AU), Aug. 2, 2016. If you attempted to get the free W10 upgrade during the 1 year free trial period of 7/29/2015 - 7/29/2016, if your laptop failed to install this update, it can and often does crash your Windows Update processing capability. There are a number of ways to repair this problem. And you might check your C: drive directory for the folder "Windows.old", which usually indicates some sort of an attempt to run the WX or W10 upgrade. Microsoft provided this backup directory for people who updated to W10 who disliked it and wished to revert to their earlier or original version of windows that came installed on their computers. However, it had a 30-day limitation. But, the fact that the directory is there tells us that a W10 upgrade was attempted by you or someone you share your laptop with.:eek:

Next, you'll need to check if your W7 Home Basic has been updated to SP1 (Service Pack 1), which came out in 2010 or so. This contains many updates that no longer are being made available for online updating; you now have to run a "roll-up"update to get this Service Pack or a standalone installer containing the executable file which overlays and installs SP1 on your W7 machine. You can check your System Properties to see if you have it installed. Let's assume you have this SP1 installed, as it's 6 years old and most of the 70 million or so folks still running W7 have it. If you don't have it, post back for instructions on how to get it.

Fixing the stuck or broken Windows Update feature can be quite challenging and is best left to a licensed Computer Tech. However, if you can't afford to do so, or just wish to learn the troubleshooting process you can read further. Fixing this problem requires Intermediate to Advanced Computer skills.

If you've gotten this far and decided to fix it yourself (DIY); the first thing you should be aware of is that computers that are 7 years old or so such as your laptop often suffer from failing or faulty hardware and must be first tested, as the application of software repairs will either fail outright or will cause the problem to reappear after you fix it. The number 1 cause of the WU (Windows Update) applet failing is a faulty hard drive. If you've never replaced the hard drive in the 7 years you've owned your laptop, then it's highly likely it's failed.:waah: Hard drives in laptops are only designed to operate for 2 years, and in desktop PCs only 3 years. Since most home users tend to ignore this fact if they do know about it, or simply are not aware, lots of these WU failures are due to this, so the first step is to test your hardware to see if it could be causing the failure. Once this is done, and any faulty hardware is replaced, or existing hardware is tested Ok, you can move on to software troubleshooting and repair. This process is very similar in Win7, Win8x, and W10. My linked article covers all these. Take a look here:
Windows 10 - Unclickable Task Bar
Refer to my POST #6 in this thread under my username: BIGBEARJEDI.

Other secondary causes of the WU applet failing are virus/malware infection, which I also cover. If the methods I mention reveal you have some sort of virus infection, we suggest you visit our Security sub-forum and ask for expert help to ensure your laptop is virus free.:teeth: They can help you with removal of stubborn viruses. So you are aware, there are now viruses that do target the WU applet and if the virus is not properly removed, the WU will never work! :noway: Additionally, Windows system file or Registry corruption can also cause WU applet to fail, and in my linked article, there is a section on Software repairs that start with Command-line commands up to and including full windows reset/reinstallation from Factory Recovery Media.

Before starting ANY hardware or software troubleshooting of this nature, it's imperative that you first
I issue this warning in my article, but it can never be repeated too often, as failing to do so can result in irretrievable data loss, since many of these repair procedures are invasive in nature to your laptop.

Give it a go and let us know how it's going or if you have any further questions. We are here 24x7x365. If I don't respond to you directly, one of our other Volunteer or Admins will and we do our best to respond within 24 hrs.

Best of luck,:encouragement:
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