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so I'm trying to install windows 7 again. I got a virus for some reason, I couldn't start up my PC anymore. So I formatted everything in the windows 7 installation(you know before the installation begins). There is nothing left of my old files. So after windows expanded the files it's starting to install the features, but then I get some error saying: could not set the offline locale information Error code 0x80FF000. After that I get a lot of errors saying that files are corrupt and that I have to run checkdisk utility. I don't know how to run that without windows explorer. So it would also be helpful if someone tells me how to run that without having windows on your PC.
The windows 7 dvd is fine, because I used it before on the very same computer and it worked. Only this time I'm getting these strange errors.
So if someone could tell me what to do with this error and how to run the checkdisk utility, I would be grateful.


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Hmm... if you're using a Desktop computer. Try removing the HDD and plug it on another computer with a working Windows. Then run chkdsk from there through cmd chkdsk ?:/F or if it boots and the HDD already has errors, it will check it automatically. Also if booted. Try scanning for errors through Windows 7 utilities. :)

If you're using a laptop or notebook. Plug in an external DVD or just put a DVD with burned bootable OS like Unix based ones. And run its file system check function.

Though I prefer the first one honestly. x_x


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I've got a desktop but I haven't got any other desktops to do that :S.
and if I start up my pc, it only says I have to press ctrl alt del to restart, because there's no OS on it.
and now the problem is that I can't even install an OS on it -.-.
and I don't know what the cause is. I've already formatted my HDD btw with DISKPART in cmd, still got the same results.
I'm gonna try to install windows XP after I reburn the windows 7 iso. I hope at least that will work.
if you got any other ideas for me on how to fix this tell me please, because I'm still not sure on whether it will install windows XP as well.

I'm getting this error now btw:

"Windows cannot install required files. Make sure all files required for installation are available and restart in the installation. Error code: 0x8007045D"

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Can you run chkdsk from the command window after booting to the install DVD and selecting Repair my Computer?


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guys, I think I'm gonna return my HDD and perhaps my memory. I'm not sure whether I have to return my memory though. MEMTEST hasn't found any errors. I can't find any utility to check my HDD though, I've tried this one: Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
for my samsung HDD, but it fails to check it. I get this error:
can't open CD driver CD001 SHSUCDX can't install
your ram drive is loaded at C:
Out of memory error.
Bad command or filename
Samsung HD utility

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