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Windows 7 Windows 7, June 2009


Senior Member
May 7, 2007
Paul Thurrott of the Supersite for Windows just posted this:

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From what he said in Windows Weekly 80, it's also quite possible. The Windows 7 code is stable, because nothing is added to Windows 7 until it's complete.
I am not looking forward to an early release. I hope that they spend time to make quality improvements to the operating system.

I also did not like how the media portrayed Windows Vista as coming out "late", even though no official release date was given by Microsoft until a week before release. So the media speculated the release date and then decided it was late when their own speculation was wrong.

Here's hoping it is not released until Dec. 2010. :)
They need to do one thing in order to make that release date with a quality product;
Halt Vista SP2 until after the release of 7.

If they do that, I'm sure they can bring us 7 in June, with some great features and good quality code.
Well, I've heard that sometime next week, Windows Vista SP2 beta is coming, so they might already have SP2 pretty close to release. Vista might also be the last 32bit os, so I want SP2, as I have to run vista on my older laptop, since it's 32bit.