Windows 7 Windows 7 laptop Sleep issue? x32 7057


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if the laptop lid is closed it enters sleep on no battery when i noticed it would lockup upon resume being a black screen or the "locked" screen with cursor disabled and nothing responding with the power light green as if it resumed normally which only a reboot would resolve. 99% related to the same sleep but some dell users were experiencing and a few had some solutions but i own a different laptop then them being a emachine D620 which im not sure where to disable wake on usb if its even possible and what not. in the mean time i have disabled sleep and will ahve it in hibernation if anyone has any ideas please share. also i could go into sleep and out of sleep its only when its been in a sleep peroid of awhile "i dont know how long" would it freeze upon resume. im guessing its when the laptop goes from sleep to hibernation over a peroid of time maybe? ive heard that it auto hibernates over a peroid of 320 minutes or something in sleep.
going to hibernation is not the best option... windows 7 standby mode is really good and I'd like to have it working too. I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 and I experience the same issue.