Windows 7 Media Player Won't Play MUSIC!

So My Windows 7 doesn't play ANY music.

I had a recent W7 update and I clicked on a song.

Windows Media Player [wmp] opened and gave me a few options. To follow the recommended option and custom. I obviously chose the Recommended Option cause I just downloaded a whole brand new album. Now it does not play any music from my Computer.

Please help, Thank you


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What format are the songs in.

You might want to take a look at Winamp. I have use it to play all my music for years and it has some great visualizations too!

Winamp Media Player - MP3, Video, and Music Player - Winamp

This may relate to my answer in the other post, try right clicking on one of the music files and in properties tell it to play this type file with Windows Media Player.


I think This problem just for wmp, any of setting configuration is missing.
However you can try VLC media player which supports a wide range of file ext.
It will surely fix your problem.
Go Here - Download VLC player .

Thank You!!!

This is a common problem with wmp,
Even i also faced this same problem.
However, The best way to get rid of this problem isto install a new media player.
for that purposes, you can download VLC media Player as it supports a wide range of file ext.
Go here Download VLC Player ..

Hope it will fix your problem.
Thank you!

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