Windows 7 Windows 7 Misreading CPU Usage?


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Right now, here's what I'm doing on my laptop:

  • typing this up
  • burning a DVD9 disc
  • extracting an 8gb rar file
  • chatting on AIM
  • running Outlook 07
  • Watching Conan on
And the Task Manager claims my CPU is only at 11%. Now, it doesn't feel slow, but such low CPU usage is extremely unusual!

Here are my specs:

Windows 7 x64 Build 7000
T7300 CPU @ 2GHz
8600M GT 256MB GDDR3 RAM 550/900 clocks

Am I right in my assumption?
About the only thing cpu intensive in that list is winrar extracting the 8gb file. And even that is partly hard disk intensive, much like burning a dvd. Everything else isn't cpu intensive so 11% on a dual core machine sounds about right.
Well I'm telling you: This would've been a 100% CPU usage session in Vista x64. I know cuz its not the first time I do something like this. Flash video is normally a CPU hog, ask anyone.
Well I believe you if you say so, though logically I don't get why Flash video would use 100% of your cpu. I'll have to google it and see. But thus far, doing some video encoding (720p h.264), cpu usage has been about the same in Win 7 as Vista x64. Roughly 80% cpu usage on all 4 cores on the 1st pass and 100% cpu usage on all 4 cores on the 2nd pass.
No, flash video takes between 28 and 48% CPU usage on its own normally on this machine. It might be something with IE8 as I see that still in Firefox it takes a lot of CPU. Watching h.264 or any other normal codec on my machine has always taken less resources than 480p flash video.

As far as video performance, under Windows 7 x64, my computer runs 1080p video smoothly. Under Vista x64 it was a little laggy.