Windows 7 Windows 7 panel request (the enginners of W7, Plz see this , thank you!)


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Jun 7, 2009
as we know, in w7, the control bar at the lowest part at the screen
and it's turn into a cube now, not like before, a retangular shape
if you want to change it into retangular shape, it still work,
but what i am thinking is, can the cube and retangular shape work together?
for example, i will open a software to monitor my pc (e.g: HWmonitor) and i will also open
a IE to surf the internet, as we know, the IE we will usually open and close it, but the monitoring software
will start up and work until shut down of our rig. so can enginners make us can decide which use cube form and
which use retangular shape
for example, monitor tool should appear in cube form and IE should apper in retangular form ,so we can spare more place
in our panel,
at last, I highly recommand this feature a avaible at the retail version of W7, thank you.(because i think this is very useful!)
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