Windows 7 Radomly freezes

Hi all,

I've purchased a new DELL Inspiron 1564 laptop with Windows 7 Home Pre 64 bit installed.
It worked well in the first few weeks but afterward it just kept on freezing.
Every few minutes/hours the windows freezes for a several seconds no matter what I was doing at the moment, completely random!.

Can anyone help me solve this annoying problem? I can't work like this..


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Windows freezes can be caused by many factors, such as malfunctioning hardware/drivers, wrong bios settings, corrupt registry, and malware.

Event Viewer can tell more.

Can you think of any changes made to your system right before it started freezing regularly?

There are many errors in the security event log, you can view the attached file (export).
I can't remember any specific software installation that I made because I can't recall when the problems began.

Can you detect anything from this event log?





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I would suggest you call Dell. The log seems to indicate problems with your drive or the controller, but that could be just a symptom of something else.

Is it still in Warranty?

I am having the same issues with my HP Laptop, except that mine locks and stays locked. But its not a total lockout. What happens is that keyboard and mouse clicks are not accepted. BUT if you hit alt-tab, you can switch between windows. And you can scroll your mouse around the screen, you just cannot click. If you do, nothing happens, and if you switch to another window you cnnot do anything when you get there. I have learned if I hit ctrl-alt-del and start the windows task manager, then close it, i get my keyboard and mouse back. I spent 3 hours on the phone with HP support yesterday and they couldn't fix it. So at their behest, I took my computer (less than a week old) back to the store and swapped it for another model. Guess what? same issue! The common threads are they are both HP and they are both running Win7 64-bit. Looking at the registry now, to see whats in there I don't need. Not a whole lotta hardware tweaks you can do for laptops. IF de-installing bloatware and cleaning the registry doesn't work i am going to purchase a copy of Win7 32 bit and see if that fixes my issues.

If anyone has any other suggestions, i am all ears, brothers and sisters....

I found the fix for my issue, thanks to another member of this forum. Turned out my logitech wireless mouse was the cause. if I connect the wireless mouse, it causes random locking. if I stay with my 3 dollar cheapie, it works fine without issue. I didn't/don't have this issue with Win-7 32-bit edition. I have been afraid to re-connect the logitech for fear that windows update will install something that causes it to start locking up again.

I'd be interested to hear of any others having similar experiences and what you came up with as a solution.

maybe some interferences from other wireless devices in the household/neighbourhood or its a hardware failure

actually that's why I never went wireless keyboard/mouse coz it's too much hassle!

That's a lot of disk errors....
Curious it's reporting IDE errors.

You say your machine is relatively new. Well... take it back and get another one.
Really... in the long run it will be less hassle than messing with a bad disk controller.

Definitely run a disk check from an elevated command prompt. Copy/paste this to it then hit enter:

chkdsk /r
There is corruption on the HDD. This should fix it. If you have other partition or drive letters, run the command for them too, like this - for example, for D:

chkdsk /r D:

I didn't think about that at the time but it makes good sense. I have a cell phone and a desktop puter with a wireless keyboard, i have 2 laptops for work and one of my oen that are connected via WLAN connection. Maybe I hit the saturation point....

WiFi should be able to negotiate a bunch of connections with no problem. If that's your problem it's something interfering with the wireless router... eg. A ham radio operator nearby, a CBer, nearby broadcasters, Baby monitor too close to the WiFi setup, cordless phones, etc.

It's easy to eliminate... shut down all network adaptors on the machine giving you the problem and see if the problem clears up. If it nolonger goes into a coma ever few minutes, you know it's the wireless...

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