Windows 7 RC - Mouse/Scroll Wheel Issues

Good Evening! Have successfully tested the beta version of Windows 7 on a VM (VMware ESXi 4.0), I went ahead and installed the a new VM instance of the Windows 7 Enterprise Version RC. The VM has an 80 GB > 4GB of RAM and > Dual-Processors. The installation was successfully; however, I am now encountering a hardware related issue:

When I open up Internet Explorer 8 and browse to a web page (ex., if I use the mouse scroll to scroll "down", there are no problems; however, if I attempt to scroll up...I am sent to the bottom of the web page I am browsing and am unable to use the scroll wheel. To navigate up through the page, I either have to click on "page-up" or use the manual scroll bar on the right side of the web page.

At first I thought the problem was with my wireless mouse, but after replacing the wireless mouse with a USB (microsoft mouse, in fact)...the same issue presented itself.

Anyone run into the same issue....btw, installing intellipoint drivers for Microsoft, also does not resolve the issue.

Any assistance or direction, is always appreciated.

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