Windows 7 Windows 7 RC1 possibly going Public


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Jan 20, 2009
This appears to be positive news as a Release Candidate is likely to have a proper upgrade path to th final.

......Microsoft has said that the next milestone for Windows 7 will be a release candidate, which will likely be offered to the general public. .....

Quote was taken from Macworld article that the RSS feed refers to.

Shows that with Windows 7 an organisation the size of Microsoft is always going to be as leaky as a sieve. They might save themselves time and money on their own servers by just releasing it straight away to the torrents as there is a probability of 1 that any build will hit the torrents in any case.

I kinda figured it would be anyway.. I bet the feedback they've been getting from the Beta will help make this happen... if it indeed does happen of course.. ;)
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