Windows 7 render farm with term server and Wake On Lan

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As the title states, I'm planning to build my own renderfarm with a termserver and wake on lan.

This looked like the right place to ask if what I want is possible and if so, what it would take:

This is the ideal situation I would like:

I'd like my network to include my workstation (obviously), a terminal server with al the necessary programs on it to do my work and manage the render queu, four render nodes wich are identical to the server as far as hardware is concerned and a NAS for storing project files and render outputs aswell as general data storage and backup.

So I'd like to be able to configure one PC as the terminal server. If possible, I would like to be able to "start up" my server through wake on lan, as soon as a connection is made to it.
Again to save energy, I would like my render nodes to "start up" through wake on lan, as soon as they are called into action for a rendering job.
If at all possible, i would like this functionality to be available through WIFI. That way, I can also connect to my server using my laptop.
If this is still possible, I'd like this setup to work over the internet aswell. That way, I can call my renderfarm into action even if i'm not at home.

As far as I know, Wake on lan can not be used to "power down". Is this true? If so, is there any solution for this? Can I start and stop a render node, or my server remotely or through the internet?

The OS on every machine would be windows 7 ultimate

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I found this: can this be used in my setup to activate and shut down pc's?

RemoteShutdown - MATCODE Software

Does this also apply to a NAS?

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