windows 7 slow install and won't boot

I also am having major problems installing the windows 7 RC 64bit.

I orginially had Vista (64) on one drive and dual booted with windows 7 (64) beta on my new OCZ SSD which was great.
Then I installed Vista over the windows 7 beta on my SSD and dual booted keeping my original vista as a backup (as it had most of my programs running to some degree. (due to 7 beta finishing)

I find out about windows 7 RC (64), Burn it in vista but when the disk is put into vista to upgrade, the disk is not reconised on this computer, It brings up a screen asking me to burn and also ejects the disk when clicking on the d: icon. I tried fixing drivers with DVD burner, not working, tried lots of things including a fresh install of vista with no other drives attached and it wont read on this computer in any vista.

Jumping to the point, Windows 7 RC 64bit is installing very very slowly compared to the beta, and once fully installed it wont boot. When using the windows 7 disk to boot from and trying to fix things the windows 7 hard drive dose not show up. when looking in the CMD it shows up as X: with all the files I prosume it would work with.

Although I clean installed (formated with windows 7 disk), i used OSL2000 and EasyBCD in the past for the dual booting and wanted to know if that could have anything to do with it? I dont see how it could as i formated the drive and unhooked all the other drives for all installations.

Any feedback on something i am missing, Dose EasyBCD or OSL2000 boot managers not get removed after a format? Dose SSD's not work with windows 7 RC 64bit, Is there a problem with a certian period of time of the windows 7 RC downloads. Is there an easy boot fix like XP had fixboot and vista its version of fixboot (i forget the name of it).
I herd from an the IT at my work that it could be the fact that windows 7 RC uses a new boot manager and OSL2000 or EasyBCD could be cuasing the problem????

Some one shed some knowledge, I want 7 RC as I loved 7 beta and am tierd of Vista.

I have the same problem, tried installing win7 with 4 gigs and it went slow as hell, then I pulled out 1 stick of 2 gigs and it installed and worked prperly, i thuoght it might be something wrong with my memory sticks so i got them replaced with brand new ones, and again, when i put both 2 gig stick it get realy slow boot takes like 10 min and everything is way too slow to be used, i take out 1 stick and its ok again.

so i see this problem isnt just mine, anyone heard anything about when is this problem going to be fixed, or if its even recognized by microsoft?

I had this same issue and struggled trying to get Win 7 64 installed, it worked great when i took out 2gb of ram and installed with just 2 gb in. the system would not boot with 4 though.

i ended up updating my bios, completely fixed my issue and is running great now. booted very fast and seeing all 4 gb of ram in the system info.

hope this helps!

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You guys will laugh at me but I'm nearing a 24 hour install time right now. :(

Fixed this issue

A few weeks ago I suffered from the exact same issue. The install was taking more than a few hours. The sollution turned out the be verry simple. I have found it here. I hope it helps!

I have downloaded Win7 Profesional (Full) from MSDN AA. (I am a student). And I cant instal Win7 on my PC (with configuration isnt problem). I boot PC with Instal DVD. And after that appears rolling green bar. And nothing happend next. If i try instal disk on other PC (not my) green bar appears for 1 sec. and instalation is ready. Any suggestion to do with that?

same problem here...i have one 320gb segate baracuda with two partitions on it..i formated one ane done the clean instalation of win 7 wich btw. was extreamly slow and after instalation when the pc needs to start win 7 for the first time...nothing happens..
i tried three diferent versions and nothing..first copy was burned on 8x speed and other two on 4X..
i succesfully instald all three copies on my laptop and all of them worked, but on pc none

i have intel c2d e6750
2 gb crucial ballistix
geforce 8800gts
asus p5n32-e sli

hope someone knows what is here about!!! thanks

thanks..i solved the problem by disabling floppy in 7 setup tryes to read from floppy and if you don't have one the instalation is very very slow...
that worked for me!!
i think that flashing bios turns off floppy and that worked for you synstanzer

Win7 Ultimate upgrade from Vista Home Premium

I just received the WIN 7 Ultimate, lucky to get picked to host WIN 7 party and got a free copy, I did an upgrade install from my Win Vista Home premium OS.. I can tell you that it did take over 4 hours to do the install. At times I thought my system had froze as it appeared like nothing was happening. In my first attempt I actually stop the install process and rebooted thinking it had froze . But it just takes a very long time to do its upgrade and you just need to wait it out. All of my settings and files appear to have transfered successfully. So it appears the finished product will work with Vista.

Slow install with 4GB -> fast with 3GB

I had a similar problem. Tried to install Vista Ultimate 64-bit with 4GB RAM. Installation was exceedingly slow, and I saw the hard drive rarely worked even in the 'extracting files...' phase. I removed 1GB of RAM, restarted the installation, and everything went smoothly and quickly (~30 minutes from start to finish).

I had exactly this problem and solved it!

Hopefully this saved someone the major stress that I suffered with this.. installed it on 2 x computers with no issues. A dream like install. When it comes to my main desktop it takes forever dvd drive not reading nothing happening.

solution? after hours of wasted time, removed hard disk drives etc ... unplugged all USB devices so just running with keyboard and mouse solved! :razz::razz: installed in 20 minutes!

Nothing worked for me

I couldn't do anything, I tried disable floppy from BIOS, I tried unplug the IDE devices, I tried unplug SATA devices, I taked off 2 GB RAM, I did everything that people told me, but nothing worked for me. I hope that MS solve this problem or at least they give a solution, because it's a very weird.

Thanks for your advices.


windows 7 boot slow

Slow startup is a common event for Windows user. Microsoft claimed that:"No matter how fast or shiny computers might be when they're new, they all seem to get slower over time."

Windows built-in a lot of services and startup item start with system. So if you want a faster windows, you need to disable some of them first.

I saw a article before in ezine(A famous article site). It descripe how to make you windows faster.
--------------------> Fix Windows 7 Boot Slow

If you still don't know how to disable services safety, Click here to fix Windows 7 SLow by professional tools.

Any problems? Welcome to discuss with me! Enjoy it !

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