Windows 7 stops at the "Starting Windows"


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Hows it going guys?
I recently just had windows xp service pack 3 32bit on my PC but then I chose to upgrade last second, literally, to Windows 7 64 bit build 7100.0.090421. I downloaded it straight from Microsoft using their downloader, burnt it using a dvd-r writer and imgburn @ 4x speed. And everything seemed okay. I put it in my PC, booted from disk, formatted my harddrive so I would have a blank for windows 7 and I installed it. The first thing I noticed was it took a while to load up to the time menu, I guess thats normal. So onto installing, everything worked while installing and then the final reboot came on and when it says "Starting Windows" the screen will seem to flash real quick and it will be a frozen screen with "Starting windows" and the frozen windows icon above it. I've restarted it, tried to put it in last good config mode, safe mode (which won't do because setup can not complete in windows), ive tried burning it again and re-installing (3 times, 1 with an entire new burn), and I also tried "repair windows." .. my specs are below..

Antec Nine Hundred Case

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Brisbane 3.1GHz Socket AM2 Dual-Core

PNY GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB XLR8


OCZ StealthXStream 700W Power Supply

Im sure its not the disc, or the disc drive haha.

What happens when you try to boot into safe mode? If your getting to the starting windows screen it is installed something is preventing it from starting. You could also try a reinstall with minimum RAM and no peripherals other than the neccessary keyboard,mouse, and monitor (PS/2 preffered).


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At safe mode it has to restart because it says "setup cannot complete in safe mode" then restarts the computer.

Okay then install is not complete try removing a stick of RAM and re install. Also all unnecessary peripherals. There has been alot of trouble with nvidia graphics cards. Do you perhaps have an onboard adapter you can use to install with?


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Yeah I can manage that, so I should just take the video card out and connect the monitor to the port on my motherboard so it runs VGA? I'll take out a stick of RAM if that doesn't work. Any other suggestions? And ill also unplug the Ethernet cable, however my keyboard is usb but is converted to that circle type connection.

I would look at the card first, just switch the output in bios to the onboard card (some BIOS will auto detect which adapter is plugged in some will not) then re boot connected to the other one.

You mention connecting via VGA....are you connecting via HDMI currently if so try using the VGA port on your current card first that may be the hangup.

Usually USB keyboard/mouse is no problem but it's nice to eliminate it you should be okay on that front.


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Alright so, Windows 7 has sucessfully installed however after that I ran into another problem with Windows not giving me access to my C drive fixed that with this,

Access Denied

However now this is what happened..

1) I launched windows 7 normally, to install nVidia 9 series drivers for Windows 7 64 bit (Version 190.38 ) however in doing so, Windows 7 automatically installed a driver for it version
2) I unisntalled the driver Windows 7 had already put there because the driver I downloaded yesterday is obviously newer.
3) I restarted my computer after setup, to find my self having a blue screen after the starting windows.
4) I went into safe mode and un installed the driver I had put there.
5) I went into normal mode and allowed windows 7 to install the driver itself.
6) After seeing it was installed it said to restart.
7) Now when I restart I am back at step 1 with the pausing at starting windows.
8) I am right now sitting in safe mode.
9) I am right now re-doing the 190.38 drive installer.
10) I've recieved an error saying "The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit."
10) Im restarting my computer, in normal mode, it now works.
11) Ive just recieved the same pop up saying it has installed the 9800 gtx driver, and to restart now.
12) Restarting.
13) The starting windows screen pauses.

Any ideas? Im just about done with this Windows 7, but I feel like crap letting it win. If there's a chance, please help beacause im close to just putting in my XP install disc but I really want this windows 7 to work.


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Took out 1 stick of the 2gb ram and windows launches fine. The driver was installed (the one windows supplied) and then I tried to uninstall it to install the new driver. Unsuccesful. It gave me that error saying it couldnt find any devices. I restarted the compuer and let it install the original drivers windows 7 supplied. They updated etc and the display was found in the device manager. I shut down the computer, and put the second stick in and once again stalls at the windows starting screen.


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This is a 64 bit Nvicia problem and it is very widespread if you do some searching on this board you will find a lot of threads on this.
Why can't you stick with the driver windows installs? At least untill nVidia gets in gear.
try this thread post 9 I think

Reading through some posts relative to your problem.
Kemical in another thread made me think to ask are you sure your turning off onboard graphics in BIOS prior to trying to switch back to your nVidia card. This can cause problems not unlike what you are experiencing.

I am totally fine with keeping the driver Windows 7 supplied me, however the problem now is that I took out one of the sticks of RAM for it to sucessfully install and register the new driver (Windows 7 driver) and then after restarting and it showing in the device manager etc I turned off my computer and put the 2nd stick back in and now it pauses at the Windows Starting again.

And how do I make sure the onboard graphics are turned off?

There is a setting in BIOS for the onboard graphics.
If you can't successfully boot with that stick of RAM it is probably bad. It worked in XP I know but seven is a little more sensitive to RAM for some reason I don't understand.
Try switching sticks, if the stick is the problem it won't boot with only that stick.
Try switching slots with the good stick and the bad stick maybe it is a slot that is a little funny.
If you are experiencing this issue anytime you boot with both sticks and it does not seem to depend on WHICH stick i would look into chipset particularly northbridge drivers.

I believe the nVidia driver was BSODing because either the onboard is still on in BIOS or because the old driver was still in the way (see the post I referenced).

Im having trouble finding the turn off setting for the vga in the bios. And I just came across one thing in the bios saying I have 4194304 K of total memory, so it definitly reads it.

\Would it be the "Onboard FDC Controller" ?

i just went into Intergrated Peripherals and set Init Display First to "PCIEx" it didn't do anything it still froze at windows starting. I dont think that was the reight option.

If its in the intergrated periphials section I have the options of

-South OnChip IDE Device
-South OnChip PCI Device
-SuperIO Device
Init Display First

I found another option.

Video Display Devices (Then I have to click one)

CRT Only
TV Only
CRT Force, Other Auto
TV Force, Other Auto
CRT Force, TV Force

Thats the right setting but i think the procedure from nVidia is to:

Boot into Bios change the setting to PCI....reboot
Boot into safe mode (if necessary) now install the Nvidia drivers being careful to remove any old drivers that may interfere with the correct driver. (use the post i referenced earlier)
Reboot as necessary.
These directions are off the top of my head from the only nVidia card i will ever install. I'm sure the directions that came with your card are far more reliable. If these directions are no longer available they should be available for download from nVidia.

I found another option.

Video Display Devices (Then I have to click one)

CRT Only
TV Only
CRT Force, Other Auto
TV Force, Other Auto
CRT Force, TV Force
just leave this setting on auto if the onboard is disabled it should be meaningless

What the hell? I took the RAM stick that I took out for the initial bootup and it works - no beeping.. but now a screen pops up saying "The file is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum does notmatch the computed checksum."

Now I put 2 sticks in and that error does not come up..

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