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Hello again,

Day 5 of a upgrade to Windows 7, running like a dream:p especially now i sorted out the msn issues.

One little query.

On the updates, it did 8 updates in total on the installation, and has since been unable to do anymore updates whatso ever, this has been driving me crazy as the error code is 800702EFD, and despite all findings, fixes or investigations cannot get any more updates.

could that be because there simply isnt any ??? or does anyone have a list of what updates there are or should be.

Its build 7600 final btw.

thanks in advance


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The general consensus is that upgrades are causing bugs and it's better to do a clean install... I'm unsure if this is related to your issue but even microsoft are saying do a clean install and don't upgrade...

Also,which security solution are you using?

well there lies a story in itself :p i had ESET nod 32 business edition on vista, got told by the comp wizard that its not good for W7, so for convenience i went with AVG free, that had so many bugs i then went to Avast free edition, which seems to be doing the job well.

I have tried turning off all Av and firewall, tried adding all the update sites to the security exceptions, tried everything i know to get the updates just at a loss the point of trying a different build.:( I would really appreciate it if someone could post up a list of the updates that aree available so i can compare with what i have aready.

thanks again


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I show 9 windows updates with the last one being 11/02

I am having the same issue. My first updates 14 updates were successful. I installed Office 2003 and there are a lot of security patches that will not download (Some I installed manually) and one security update for 7 and one for Defender that will not install.

I tried renaming the "System Distribution" folder to .old and had the same results.

Any advice?


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Back to the OP's request. Here is a list of OS specific updates. I have edited out updates for my installed software.
Theý were for a clients install today.

View attachment 2907

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Thanks for the replies guys, looks like i have most if not all the security updates, does not explain what i cannot connect to the update server tho........still looking into that, will let you know how i get on. I have a spare HDD, Im going to try doing a clean install onto that over the weekend, see if that makes a difference.

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