windows 7 will not stay in sleep or hibernate

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by skooterking5, May 25, 2012.

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    im having trouble with my windows 7 computer, its not wanting to stay off once in sleep or hibernate mode. im having trouble diagnosing which piece of hardware (or software if possible) is causing my issue. can anyone help me? is there a program that can monitor my hardware and programs running in a way that i can find out what exactly is waking my computer? let me know what specs you need and how to get em and i'll be happy to post them :)
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    Double click on your network adaptors in Device management. Then go to the Power Management tab. There is a box that you have to uncheck. And don't forget APPLY.
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    That could be a solution, but may lead you into further problems as it is neccessary to also tick the item "Allow the computer..etc" I believe the accompanying switch, as suggested, will only return this to it's default. But the Mouse and the keyboard have similar power functions which, if too sensitive, can also turn on the computer at the slightest movement. Yet again, there is often, in later model computers, a Bios function to wake the computer at intevals.
    Have a look in you Power Options - Change Plan settings - Change Advanced power settings. Scrioll down to Sleep and click. Click "Allow wake timers" and disable if not already.

    There is probably a third party program which can show up the item which is waking the computer. But try this.
    Open a Command Prompt (Run as Administrator). And type Powercfg -lastwake this may give a clue.

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