Windows 7 wont let me use 1600 resolution. Did when on Xp few days ago. Just purchased new OS... :((

Ok, i installed windows 7 fine and both updated my GPU + windows with newest updates. I can enable 1280x1024 but no higher. No 1600 x [n] anything. Id really like to use 1600x1200 for games. When i was using windows Xp i was able to use 1600resolution so i am finding this very odd. I have a crt monitor CS990DC and its uptodate.

When i try to use 1600x1200 which it actually says [native] next to. The screen switches off and as i know that by pressing escape i am able to come back to the screen how was before.

I think i will leave the details there for now so I will keep an eye on this post. Hopefully someone is able to assist me with this problem i am experiencing. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

yours sincerely


I'm not sure, but have you tried other driver versions, for the monitor and for the video card?

Do any other resolutions above 1280x1024 work ?

Finally, is the refresh rate correct?

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i cant seem to find the drivers for my monitor on the web [maybe cos its an old monitor/crt]. For my GPU i am only able to find the newest driver for it. I cannot use any resolution above 1280x1024 :(.

The refresh rate seems ok,

Connecting monitor through another port (vga, scart, composite, etc.) may be the easiest way to resolve the problem.

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