Windows 7 won't see Western Digital HDD

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I just bought and physically installed a new Western Digital, Cavier Green HDD (1TB). I booted up into Windows and didn't see the drive among the listed HDDs. Thinking something might be wrong I rebooted into the BIOS in order to see whether or not it was physically seen by the system. It was and so I booted back into Windows, but no luck. I know now that the HDD is installed, on and running, seen by the BIOS with nothing to indicate it's disabled. But Windows 7 doesn't see it, and no software came with it for me to install any sort of drivers with it (nor did I expect any with a HDD).

My knowledge with hardware is rather weak.

Is there anything else I should be doing so it will be seen by Windows? It is intended as a storage drive, as I have another, master HDD which is running Windows.

Hey. Type disk management in the start menu and hit enter. You can use this screen to quick format to NTFS and assign it a drive letter.

Completely forgot about disk management. Thanks! It wants to know if I want to assign it to be an Master Boot Record MBR or an GPT, GUID Partition Table. I don't need it to boot off of, so I assume I want the later?

Edit: Ah, the beauty of a little research. Going with guid. Thanks again for the help!

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I have the same problem, but stranger! my WD HDD was working properly, then when I start searching idexed files, it does not recognize it!
Then WD HDD has not appeared in the list and I can not format it! I will loose data this way!
Even when I tried "disk management" it does not appear even!

Please help! Windows 7 has alot of problems!

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Personnally when I want to add a disk, I'm using the following procedure :
- Control Panel
- Administration tools
- Computer Management
- then storage / Disk management

(I have a french version so maybe my translation isn't accurate enough)

You will see all physical disks with logical partitions and you will be able to do what you want, including set up a precise letter to your drive.

Hope this help.

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It's the same advice of Torrent! but the disk does not appear in the list.
The PC does not recognize it completely!
By the way, the HDD is working properly

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