Windows 7 Windows 7's Library System


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The only problem I have with Windows 7 is the useless library system. Being accustomed to the way Microsoft had the user folder with all of the personal folders, like My Music, My Documents, My Videos, et cetera. I miss the ability to get into these folders directly in the start menu... Link Removed due to 404 Error now it all leads basically to the libraries. Anybody know if there's a way to disable or change the items on the right of thd startmenu that will lead you to the personal folder instead of the library? Link Removed due to 404 Error
If you set the Documents library to include only the My Documents folder's contents, and set "Arrange by:" to "Folder", and did the same thing for each library, wouldn't that pretty much accomplish what you want?
^ I suppose that much is true, I just wish there was a more direct way to get to the said folder. Better than nothing, thanks Josh!