Windows 8.1 64 bit install problem monitor out of range

Hi I have just downloaded the windows 8.1 preview version and burned to DVD to install on a newly built PC. The PC specs are:
Intel I5 3570k ivy bridge
Gigabyte h61m-s2pv rev 2.0
Gskill ripjaw 8gb 1333mhz
I am using the integrated hd4000 graphics. Since I completed the build I have been running Ubuntu and wanted to try windows 8.1 before I go and buy it.

So basically I inserted the windows 8.1 DVD and booted from it. It then pauses for a little while and then I get the windows 8.1 flag logo for just a few seconds before the monitor displays 'out of range'.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any fixes for this or whether its going to be a case of a new monitor? The monitor I am using is a LG flatron w1943sb. It worked perfectly with Ubuntu and supported all the games I have played on it so on a bit baffled.

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Windows 8.1 preview has expired for public trial last Jan (2014). I am just not sure if the same ISO can be used just for a quick trial.

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