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Hi All,
Just curious about the Media Center that I was able to get free with Windows 8 pro.
In Windows 8 it was a separate download. Is the Media Center included with windows 8.1 pro?
Or when I upgrade to 8.1 next month will it be available for me to download free?

just wondering :)


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Hi Scramjet, When you install Windows 8.1, you can add the media center with the same key you had for Windows 8.


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Did you use your Windows 8 Pro product key, when you installed 8.1 ? You need to use 8 Pro's key for 8.1 Pro and then the same Windows Media Center key in 8.1 as in 8. If you did the first one, then Microsoft may not be making W.M.C. available until October 17th or 18th for 8.1 Pro user's. On October 17th 8.1 become's available to Windows 8 user's through Windows Update. On October 18th it become's available to everyone else.

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Thanks for the replies. I haven't installed 8.1 yet because I read here in a post that the RTM was made available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers. I am not a subscriber so I must have a key to install it I am assuming. I didn't think I could use my valid Windows 8 product key until Oct. 17th. Am I wrong?

I tried using the same key for WMC 8.1 as I did for 8, but it told me that my edition of Windows was not compatible with the software, A clean install of 8, followed by adding WMC, then an in-place upgrade to 8.1 fixed my problems.


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I will wait for the Oct. 17th software and if the WMC don't work then I will not install it. I rarely use it but just thought if available then I would install it. I don't think I will go through the trouble to reinstall. Well not just yet anyways...thinking about buying a WD 4TB internal drive soon. So maybe I will install clean then.

If you choose to update now, you'll have to do a clean install to go from the Evaluation Copy to the standard edition, unfortunately. 8.1 does have some nice features to it.


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I usually format my operating drive once a year just to start fresh. So a clean install is not a problem for me but it depends on the time of year :). I hope the option to upgrade from the Store and a separate option to download the 8.1 upgrade for manual installation will be available on Oct. 17th. I need my backup :)

From reading other posts here I gathered this Preview is only for Developers or IT Professionals. I am neither :(

I am neither as well, and I have yet to have any issues (other than a common windows 8 issue).

oh that's nice to know...maybe I will check it out. thank you

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