Windows 8.1 and Linux Networking

Windows 8.1 Networking I have the following home network configuration:

Dell XPS27 with Win 8.1,Netgear WNDR4500v2 wireless router,Networked AVR, networked DirectTV, several android phones on WIFI, and a post XP laptop running Crunchbang Linux. Everything works fine. Networked music, internet access by all devices works great. Crunchbang works great as well, especially on an challenged vintage 1954 Dell Inspiron 600m.

I am able to ping the laptop from Win 8.1 and I am able to ping the Win 8.1 box from Crunchbang.
Samba is running and configured on Linux but I can't tweak that for sharing files if the Win PC and the Linux laptop can't see each other. I have changed the Homegroup on Win 8.1 PC to Workgroup as I am told that Homegroup is only for networked Windows devices. The Linux PC is set to workgroup as well. For what it is worth all devices show up on the Netgear Genie Network map by name. There is no Linux firewall installed and I am told that the windows firewall will pass through any request within the local subnet. If I search the network on the Win8.1 PC Crunchbang is not found. I cannot map it either. I am also told that I need Win 8.1 Pro to network non Win PC's ( I am skeptical).

One site described a registry edit for Win 8.1 which is a non starter for me. Seems to be a Win 8.1 issue as most tutorials show Win 7 working great with Linux. Installing Windows on the laptop will not be done as it could barely get out of its own way until I put Linux on the old warhorse.



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1. Workgroup is windows for nil… the “workgroup” needs a setting like “sam” or “pets”.

2. 8.1 by default blocks unsecured traffic… ime external devices “like a usb connected to your internet router” are the easiest way to share files across a mixed system network.

Clould drives and vmware shares are also workable and it just depends on how large the files are and how many different people (machines) need to access the same file at the one time.

p.s. yes, All registry tricks for 7 are dangerous to use in 8.

Thank You! I have Dropbox and yes my router can share via USB. I have not mounted a USB drive as I have no need. My music and larger files reside on the Win 8.1 from which they are rendered to various devices. This was an intellectual exercise at best and not critical (except to my ego). What do you mean Workgroup is "nil." It seems that Win 8 is not network friendly to linux like Win 7 . At this point it is not a reasonable option to network linux with Win 8. Such is WAR!


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“what do you mean, Flash Gordon approaching?... OPEN FIRE!”

It’s not up to Microsoft to pander to Linux and any war between Microsoft and Linux would be over in a flash.

Windows 7 (and Linux) uses the old remote desktop system to log in whereas 8 uses the remote management. To punch through the default firewall you have to enable a Dcom so that they can reach the other side. Eg cscript [name] /AnonDCOM: grant

Using a 3rd party (cloud, router… etc) removes the need to learn code.

The windows machine below is a member of a workgroup.


But the windows below is not.


LOL! "Such is WAR" in the vernacular is a statement of resignation to reality as it exists, not a call to arms. Thanks for the example and the technical details. Signing off!

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