Windows 8.1 Browser Issues with IE 11 and Firefox

I just set up a brand new laptop running Windows 8.1. I am not new to Windows. I have been using it since the first version came out. Since I will be using this for work and would like it to run as efficiently as possible, I installed Start8, so I can just use the start menu and not have to deal with Metro. I am not a child and I know how to read, so I don't need pictures.

I have the system set up pretty much as I want it, but have the same problem with both IE 11 and Firefox. I go in and set my home page as I always have. I can close the browser and reopen it and my home page appears. If I wait an hour and open the browser again, IE opens to the Google search page and Firefox opens two tabs. One is the Google search page and the other the Welcome To Firefox page that you get after installing an update. I also installed Comdo Dragon to see what it would do and it retains the home page.

Can anyone tell me how I can get IE and Firefox to retain the home page?

Thanks in advance.


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Firefox to retain the home page?
This is not windows… What you are describing is typically the result of allowing a 3rd party program to insert itself between your browser and the temp internet file.

I recommend you 1st try to reset firefox see this;

If that fixes the issue with firefox then great but if not then you will have to find which program is blocking your settings and remove it from your system or else decide to keep it and put up with your homepage being blocked.

Thanks for your reply. I did try resetting both Firefox and IE. And as before, they were both fine for a while (at least an hour) and then the home page was changed to Google. If I look at the setting for the home page, it even says Google. The only thing I have installed is Start8, which I understand is commonly used. I would think a lot of people would have had this problem, if Start8 is changing the home page setting. I can try uninstalling that, but suspect I will have the same problem.

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