Windows 8.1 - Ruined my gaming experience...


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Hello everyone, i'm new to this forum and only signed up because of this stupid problem... :thud:

So, last night i had to go to bed, and my computer froze and i needed to turn it off fast. (i don't know if this contributed to the problem, but eh) anyway i turned it on this morning... loaded up Minecraft... and my fps was on 16 and i'm normally on around 110 fps.

Anyway so a while later the computer said, "we will restart your computer in 15 minutes, or restart now" so i left it and it restarted. about 6 hours later it loaded up and turned out it downloaded windows 8.1 without my consent. this made me angry as i've heard the bad reviews about it and gaming. :furious:

So yeah, is there a way to fix this? :upset: Without buying another copy of win8 or losing all my files?

Thanks in advance.


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1. If the upgrade fails it will auto-undo itself.

2. if it works you are so screwed--- a good backup software like Acronis can roll it back if you have made a save point sometime before this upgrade but the cheepshit Microsoft software in windows can't help you.

2. You can of course, always reformat the computer back to windows 8 but that wipes the info on the c drive and even if your games/ documents are on the d drive it is still a pain to download all the patches again.

p.s. If you have an intel graptics card 8 is better for gaming than 8.1 because it is the faster system but otherwise there isn't much in it.


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i think i'll just reformat it back to win 8, however what about my graphic drivers etc? what if i lose them? will it reinstall them? (I use the drivers what came with my pc)


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A format will wipe the c drive and yes that does include the drivers. You havn't told us your system so all I can say is the basics--- some of the better companies like Asus have a special driver drive that can store what you need but most the time you go to the website (look for your model) and download the drivers from there--- even if the system does have a backup drive or came with a disc I still go to the website because its very common to find new drivers have come out that are better than what came with your machine.


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Sorry for not mentioning my system, (it's an asus, infact) Asus x552c. I might just restore it to factory defaults, will that do it?
Thanks for the help by the way :)


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Asus x552c
Good budget system.

Yes and no Sorry--- Microsoft policy is that the 8.1 upgrade is good for you so the upgrade disables the standard factory image store on laptops and there is a tiny disclaimer in the patch notes fine print. This is illegal in Australia and there is an ongoing court case about it but that is political and doesn’t help you.

The website for your system is here if you want drivers;

I recommend; but do this on power only (not the battery). 1st, turn off your wifi router so there is no internet then disable any anti-virus program and of course back up any Important files, you know game saves to a usb or disc.

Try a factory reset (not the so-called refresh option), that is select re-install instead of refresh… this can be done a maximum of three times over the life of the machine without needing to call Microsoft about your key and is worth trying first as that KEEPS the Asus drivers, only dropping the personal documents… in effect returns the system to day 1 as you just got home with it.


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Okay, thanks alot dude! i'll try this later today. So your saying this will most definatley reset it to windows 8? or is it a 50/50 chance?



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More like 90% success and 10% fail;

Asus make good recovery software and the Microsoft disclaimer is aimed at the cheaper systems but there are always things that can go wrong.

1. I have personally used the factory reset to roll back to 8 on my Asus sonicmaster laptop when I first tried the 8.1 update and that worked fine--- took over an hour but worked.

2. IME Formatting your hdd to remove a recovery partition or adding a partition for say Linux WILL break the Asus recovery ability but that’s not something the average user does and you didn't mention it so I'm going to be brave and assume that didn't happen.

3. Disconnect the internet at the router (not just flight mode) or Microsoft will be ever so helpful and try to download updates in the middle of your reset… they do try hard so we got to love them.

4. Disconnect the antivirus (if you use Nortains then please un-install it)… in fact some people think the best idea is to do it from the bios

but I still like doing it from inside the system*.

5. The Asus support page shows the steps for windows 8 only which isn't very helpful but the steps for 8.1 are almost the same…
Screenshot (41).png

Screenshot (40).png

Screenshot (39).png

Don't do a refresh--- your document files are now in a different format to what 8 wants so I only recommend a reset.

* I recommend doing it inside the system instead of the bios simply because you can see strait away if the system has a problem finding the recovery drive however that does also make anti-virus programs an extra step and I found a somewhat helpful youtube video that shows the bios steps for an Asus with some errors. If you watch the video you will see he waits too long the first time (i.e. if the Asus logo comes up you missed it) and you can see he does get it the second time i.e. the please wait message is the system saying it detected the [F9 key] but he also holds the key down continuously which is wrong… press it repeatedly during the black screens until the please wait message appears.

Side topic
Acronis backup software is so worth the money, get another hdd the same size (or larger) and make an exact image of the system--- this will have the same key and will boot up without issues in the event of some future problem with your main hdd. It is a load off your mind just knowing that you have the backup hdd sitting in a cupboard somewhere.

p.s. Sorry for the long post but I figgure more info is better than not, with this topic and if it should fail the next step is to get your hands on a windows 8 iso and we'll walk you through it.
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If you don't want to spend any money for backup software I recommend EaseUS TODO backup.
I'm running Windows 10 technical Preview, I've already made 10 backups (about one every other day) and I've restored 4 times.

It's so easy to use that it literally only takes about 3 clicks.
It's always restored my system when I wanted it to.

Open it.
Click System Backup.
Tell it where you want to save the backup, I create a folder before I start the process.
Click Proceed, that's it.

It will make a restore boot CD DVD and restoring is just as easy.
Boot to the disk.
Click on the restore you want to recover.
Click Proceed.

You're done.

I can backup or restore my Windows 10 PC in about 15 minutes.

What ever software you want to use, everyone should make a system image as soon as they set up their computer and then update it on a regular basis.

Sooner or later you will need it.