Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Retargeting Extension

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    Today's Visual Studio extension is kind of simple, and the source isn't currently available, but it's one of those that can really have you some time (and hair)...

    Can Bilgin, building on the work of Andy Wigley, has released a Visual Studio 2015 extension that makes it click-easy to convert your Windows Store 8.1/Windows Phone projects to Windows 10 UAP.

    Retarget Projects to Windows 10

    Following the changes to the project structure and the appxmanifest schema changes, I decided to put together a little Visual Studio 2015 Extension to upgrade the existing Windows Store 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1 (not Silverlight) projects to Windows 10 UAP applications.

    After the extension is installed you will have an additional menu item in the project file context me


    You can with ease upgrade the project file and the package appxmanifest to the UAP platform.

    To demonstrate this retargeting process, I am going to start by creating a default universal Hub application....


    Keep in mind you still might need to change couple of things in the project to get it running. (e.g. Phone specific styles left from Windows Phone 8.1 implementation, Tile sizes left from the Windows Store application – in the new package manifest the tile sizes are the same as the phone package manifest from 8.1)

    Happy coding everyone,

    [Click through to read the entire post and see it in action]

    Get the extension here, WinRT Retarget to Windows 10

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