Windows 8 Windows 8: Bad Timing?


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As Windows 8 is bound to release...soon, I have noticed many companies and schools finally upgrading from dusty Windows XP to Windows 7. The thing is, with Windows 8 coming around the corner, what is the point of getting 7 now? I mean, its not that long until W8 is out. Why not wait, people!??
Many may be waiting. Those that have already started will continue with Win 7. Remember in a business or enterprise environment, there will be a small learning curve that will have to be dealt with. Some of this learning curve can be greatly reduced by IT depts. by applying some customization before adoption.
You raise a good point/question. I am telling my clients, both private & corporate, to wait for Win8... you are correct... silly not wait when the release is so close. But, certainly, the considerations & timelines for enterprise making such changes vs private individuals is vastly different.