Windows 8 Windows 8 Is Really Confusing


Extraordinary Robot
Jun 27, 2006
Chicago, IL
With less than a week to go before the big Windows 8 launch on October 26, everybody seems to be converging on the same unambiguous conclusion about the new software: bafflement. The business community is baffled about whether the new operating system can deliver the turnaround that Microsoft's stock needs right now. The technology community is baffled that Microsoft is tossing out a lot of ...

Source: Yahoo! News
I don't really find Windows 8 any more confusing than Windows XP was to some when it first came out.. ;) Same with the way Windows Vista was compared to XP when it launched. It's just a radical shift in Windows in general, well in the UI of Windows anyway. I think most will get used to it pretty quick... ;)
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