Windows 8: Leaked power point slides


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Jun 25, 2011
Microsoft is coming with new OS windows 8. And there is lot of leaked information about the Windows 8 in the Market. Here are some power point slides of windows 8. In real we don't know if these are real or not. but Microsoft didn't say anything about these slides.But after seeing these slides we can easily say that windows 8 is going to be awesome experience for user.

After seeing these slides we can easily see that there is something new in this windows 8 which makes it different from the other OS.

Boot Time improved:
In the older windows there takes a lot of boot up time but this problem will be no longer because in windows 8 there takes only 20 sec. to boot the system and also awakes form the sleep mode almost instantly and also provide the full system restore with in 2 minutes.

Microsoft eyes on Apple
After viewing This we can say that Microsoft is looking at Apple for building the Efficient and reliable product. We can see it from this slide.

Prototype of Windows 8 system:

We can see the prototype of the system looks different from the traditional desktop system and it contains the following Features.

Camera With automatic Facial Recognition:
from the slide it is clear that in this system we need not to be sit in front of the camera for the facial recognition. Camera find user's face itself in the room. which looks like the exciting feature of windows 8 system.

Although these are a few slides of Windows 8 but on behalf of these slides WE can see there is something Big is coming.