Windows 8 live tiles discussion


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Hey all, I have been having some frustration here and was hoping maybe someone could help me figure this out. Perhaps this is a simple issue but its obnoxious. I love windows 8 its very nice and the intergration of small UI apps combined with the regular windows apps makes it fun to do some things.

The issue that I am having is that my windows live tiles are too small. I cannot seem to make them bigger and it is really annoying. I would like my live tiles to show me what I want them to show me but they just arent big enough. I have to sit there for a couple seconds and wait for the tiles to scroll to get the info that I want and that is just not acceptable.

Could someone please guide me in making my live tiles a decent size?

currently the tiles take up 1 or 2 blocks on the metro UI and I have a couple live tiles that I would like to have take up an entire column, or the equivalent of 10 small tiles or 5 double tiles. Small tiles are very useful for quick launch apps and the double tiles are useful for things like weather and calendar, but not for other apps.

Please help, very frustrated.