Windows 8 Windows 8 Media Center and OTA TV content protection?


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I have been setting up a HTPC using Windows 8. The when the Hauppauge HVR-2250 is working, I have one local channel that will not show guide info., do I cannot record using the schedule.

I have looked for information about content protection for Over the Air TV broadcasts, but cannot find anything that seems related.

When I loaded Windows 7 on this system, the channel worked fine, as well as the Tuner Card.

It is not a big deal, but if anyone has any info about OTA content protection, could you please advise?


Silly question, but do you have the latest driver for it, considering your IT background and reputation of such experience. I would assume you've done that, but had to ask.

WinTV-HVR-2250 Support page

I see that there are several driver installation types and a two part driver/software requirement.

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Thanks for the response. I have tried to get the latest drivers. There is one more I will try on your link, but I am not running the WinTV software, just using the drivers for the card.

I think the Windows 8 Media Center handles some things a little differently. The channel I cannot get the guide data for is a CBS affiliate. I noticed in Windows 8, when channels are scanned, some series 9000 channels are listed and two or three of those are CBS internet channels.... Could this just be a coincidence? I have not yet seen a way to access the internet channels, but discovery will continue through today.

I did see some info about OTA content protection, but it did not seem like it would block reception, so I am still a little confused why only one channel will not work correctly, when it works fine with Windows 7 using the same antenna connection. I have sent an e-mail to Hauppauge, but they have not yet responded. I may e-mail the local affiliate to see if they would be willing to come clean. This channel did just change its transmitter in November of 2012, so it might be related and a sign of things to come.

There may also be other problems with the card and Windows 8, since I cannot put the card in a PCIe x1 slot as I can with Windows 7. If I do, the system will boot with a black screen. I tried a PCIe x16 slot and the card was recognized and seemed to work, but after a while I got my first Windows 8 Blue Screen. The system would not recover until the card was removed. This is an ASUS P8Z68 motherboard...

Thanks again....

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