Windows 8 Windows 8 on my new computer, getting great results.


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May 25, 2009

I have everything installed and running now and it's really working great.

One example, I've used a program called Mimic for years to do lip syncing in my animated videos.

It works good but it always have glitches that you have to go back and work out manually after you create the animation.

Well, I've done several in the last couple of days and the glitches are gone.
The whole thing runs smoother and the little random lip movements that always show up have disappeared.

I have no explanation I've use this same exact piece of software for years though at least 3 operating systems.

I've seen other things like this too, but not as obvious.

Anyway everything is running great, I have Lord of the Rings Online running even thought it does need Net Framework 1.1.

My one problem is not being able to get the Windows 8 Firewall to work, but for now I'm running the Comodo firewall and it's working fine.

When I get caught up I'll run Refresh and see if it will fix the Firewall issue.

Right now I'm at frame 1,300 of 1,500 writing the left eye images of a stereo animation.

This is my first try and creating an nVidia 3D Vision animation.


Just remember that when you run Link Removed, all the non-Win 8 Style apps will be uninstalled as a part of the Refresh. A list of uninstalled apps will be created on your desktop. I believe all customizations and user settings and data are preserved.

Just make sure you have all your installation files and keys available before doing the Refresh.

It definitely sounds as though something is wrong with the basic Win 8 system that is preventing the Win firewall from starting. See if it starts after the Refresh, before installing any of your apps. If so, check after each app is installed to ensure it is still working.

If the firewall does not start after the Refresh, I would suspect your ISO file download may have somehow become corrupt. If this is the case, you might have to start over from scratch as the Refresh uses the encrypted ISO file to do the Refresh and if this initial file was corrupt I suspect you will see the same failure again.

Hi Medicated60

No .iso file I have a real Windows DVD.
This is a new computer and the firewall was working until I installed net framework 1.1.
I have software that requires it.

It changed my user account settings and somehow stopped the firewall, which seems to be closely tied into the user account settings.

The problem at this point is that when I try and start it, it asks for a password.
I never set any password for the computer and have no idea what it wants.

There's another 3 page post about this.

Thanks for telling me that all my non app software will be uninstalled, I was under the impression that it would leave my software intact.

I've only had this computer for about a week and I've just finished installing all my zillion pieces of software.

Since everything I have installed are non apps, I'll leave well enough alone and not worry about it.

I have another firewall running and everything is working fine.

I would have been really mad if I had done the refresh and discovered that all my installed software was gone.
It sounds like refresh isn't a lot different then restore!

If I want to do that I'll just put in the restore disk and put everything back the way it was to start with.


I have to say I have got Win 8 running a bit better too. I reinstalled things that were installed under 7. Though performance still doesn't live up to the hype it has gotten better. And I have to say I'm tickled to no end. I bought and installed Start 8. Ugly start screen gone, hot corners and charms gone. I boot right into the desktop. It's pure joy!

Grab Macrium or Paragon, Mike. Make an image as soon as you can on another partition. You can then fool around as much as you like, and the image will put it all back intact - including your software installations and you activation.

Hi Guys

I have Acronis True Image, and I should do that soon.
Pretty much done with setup now, so I'd better do it.

Yes: Vegasguy, I'm using Classic Shell and it works great.
No Start Screen, easy to use menus and a clean interface.

Link Removed

Works like a "Charm". LOL

I'm seeing some performance boost, but I'm also running a new computer so I can give Windows 8 all the credit.

But it was faster even in beta and with my old computer.


Hi Again.

Well I just found out that my Acronis True Image 2012 isn't compatible with Windows 8.
So I'm downloading Paragon and I'll give that a try.

Ok: I got my C:\ drive all backed up to my second hard drive.
When I get the time, I'll make a second backup to one of my external drives.

I have to say that Paragon is very easy to use.
And you can't beat Free!


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I have Acronis 2013 running 100%.- Windows 8 Pro? And yes - It costs, and does the same as the freebies!

P.S. Just amended this to 2013, after a reminder. I am a loyal customer of Acronis, but jumped the 2012 edition.

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Hi Mike,

I have been using the Release Preview of Windows 8 Pro 64Bit.
It took me 3-5 days to find my way around this New Operating System.
I have just recently bought the full version from Microsoft.
I am using a Epson SX515W Multipurpose printer and the drivers were installed effortlessly and my printer works perfectly.
One thing I have noticed is that Microsoft has grouped different features together and this provides for easy and quick access.
I personally think this is the Best Windows Operating System I have used.
You mentioned you were having a problem with your firewall not working.
Have you tried to download Microsoft Security Essentials, which is a free program from Microsoft?.
Maybe we can keep in contact regarding our experiences with Windows 8
Kind Regards


MSE is no longer advised, or compatible with Windows 8. It is now occupying the Windows Defender slot.
fwiw. No better place to keep in contact than right here?

Mike, I'm using Acronis True Image 2013. Well worth the upgrade IMO. It's got a very clean UI and works nicely.

My method is to boot to the Rescue Disk to create as well as restore my Images. It works fine from within Win 8, but that is just my preference. Whenever I create an Image, I turn around immediately and restore that Image to prove it's viable. I always create new Images at least once per month on our PCs, and store then on my Ext HD. I then run File History on both and also store to the same Ext HD.

By the way if you use the Rescue Disk to create your Images with Acronis TIH 2012 it should work. It just would not install and run from within Win 8 Pro on my system. The last I read Acronis is still testing it with Win 8, although this Link Removeddoes not reflect that.

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