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Windows 8 Windows 8: PC restarts when opening webcam


New Member
Apr 13, 2013
I am using Dell Latitude D520 running in Windows 8. I just bought a new webcam, installed the drivers without any difficulties. But when I try to view my webcam, either Amcap, yahoo messenger, or any programs or websites that displays my webcam, Windows 8 would prompt me that my PC encountered an error and restarts. I would really appreciate if anyone would enlighten me and help me in this matter.
This new webcam, is it a usb webcam? What make and model webcam is it? Have you disable the onboard webcam of the laptop? What OS came preinstalled with this laptop? Did you upgrade or clean install windows 8? Do you have the correct OS bit drive for the webcam...eg 32 bit driver or 64 bit driver, it makes a difference?

Some older webcams will not work with windows 8. I have one old web came that will work with XP, Vista but wont work with windows 7 or windows 8.