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Windows 8 Windows 8 RTM wallpaper


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Aug 28, 2007
Neowin.net are running article claiming to have a wallpaper from the RTM to download. The wallpaper is actually quite nice although whether it's actually real remains to be seen..

With Windows 8 RTM right around the corner, true candidate builds are already in the hands of many for voting and scrutinizing. If you have been salivating about getting your hands on, what is believed to be the default Windows 8 wallpaper, we have the image posted below for your right-mouse clicking pleasures.

While we can't personally confirm that this is the default screen, the evidence is supported by several posts over at techit.co.il and do align with previous images that have surfaced around the web. Enjoy

Link Removed

To download and access the above article go to:

Download the Windows 8 default wallpaper here - Neowin