Windows 8 Will Be Microsoft`s Most Crucial OS


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Apr 15, 2009
News Analysis: A lot of chatter emanating from Microsoft headquarters indicates Windows 8 could be released as early as next year. Microsoft needs to make sure that it doesn’t stumble with this new generation coming as it seems close on the heels of the successful Windows 7.
As 2011 continues to tick away, an increasing number of rumors coming out of Redmond are starting to crop up. The vast majority of those rumors are revolving around Windows 8 and the future of Microsoft’s operating system. Speculation abounds that the new OS will have faster boot-up times, an application marketplace, and a slightly improved design. It’s expected to be released next year.

For now, Microsoft has been publicly focusing its efforts on Windows 7, the fastest-selling version of its operating system ever released. But behind closed doors, it knows all too well that there is a lot riding on Windows 8. If it’s a success, Microsoft can keep major competitors—most notably, Google—at bay. But if it’s a failure the way Vista was, it could find itself in a very bad situation that could see it lose its power grip in the OS market.

Windows 8 will simply be the most important operating system Microsoft has released yet. And here’s why:

1. Mac OS X Lion looks impressive

If Windows 8 launches next year, it will be up against Mac OS X Lion, an operating system that Apple plans to discuss at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Mac OS X Lion, which should launch over the summer, won’t be able to overcome Microsoft’s operating system market share. But it could be the benchmark by which Windows 8 is judged. If Microsoft’s option fails to live up to the standard set by Apple’s OS, expect the market to take notice. It could be Windows Vista all over again, and Microsoft doesn’t need that.

2. Chrome OS is still out there

Although the coming Windows 8 and Mac OS X Lion are getting much of the attention nowadays, it’s important to remember that Google’s Chrome OS platform is being prepared to take on those operating systems. Like Lion, Chrome OS won’t steal significant market share from Microsoft in the short-term. But if Windows 8 turns out to be a loser, consumers will undoubtedly shift their attention to Google’s option to see if it’s a good fit. ... hy-396904/
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