Windows 8 Windows 8 with IE10 gettin' treated like redheaded step child


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I had a brokerage account at Zecco that was migrated over to Trade King when they merged. I logged onto it today and noticed they have a Trade King Live feature but it only works with Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Not with Internet Explorer. I emailed them and this is how they responded

Thank you for contacting TradeKing.

We appreciate your feedback regarding the compatibility of TradeKing LIVE. Your suggestion will be passed onto our developer team who works on TradeKing LIVE updates. If you utilize another browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox you should not have an issue using. The regular site should work without any issues while using Internet Explorer. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused

What gives, is IE relegated to a second rate browser? I like IE. Have used Chrome and Firefox but always go back to IE.
This is just a guess but a finished IE 10 hasn't been released for Windows 7 yet and Windows 8 is just starting out. Their IT people probably haven't done anything with IE 10 yet or much with Windows 8.
I have to agree with Joe. Win 8 and IE 10 are too new, and many developers have not updated to this newer, and I believe better, more secure browser.

Have you tried IE 10 in Compatibility mode? The little Box-like icon on the taskbar, or the F12 Developer Tools. Change to Compatibility Mode.

Compatibility ViewIcon.jpg

Compatibility View.jpg
I think a bigger issue is if you download Chrome or Firefox onto your Windows 8 system and use them you will discover quickly that the Chrome is 19 times faster and Firefox is 9 times faster then Internet Explorer 10.
As IE 10 is built into the OS this is terrible news and shows how badly thought out IE 10 is and how badly written.

I will go to the same web page with all three and you can see a huge issue with IE 10 compared to the others, even on a Microsoft Windows 8 site.
Now that is almost a joke in itself. IE 10 is slower on the Microsoft IE 10 site then Chrome or Firefox?