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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by jtpcamp, Nov 7, 2013.

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    Recently I purchased a windows anytime upgrade from Win 7 HP to Win 7 Pro from Microsoft. The new version downloaded and upgraded with no assist from me. Microsoft also emailed me a new product key. My question is if/when I reformat my HD and want to reinstall Windows 7 Pro how do I do it? I have a Win 7 HP disc that I got from the Microsoft store and I know how to install that but now that I have the Pro version How do I get that to install? Do I just change the product key after HP installs? Or do I put the Pro key in during the install? Or do I download a Win 7 pro ISO off the web and just use my new key or what?

    I would appreciate any advice from anyone. Thanks...
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    I am not sure about this, I repeat NOT, but usually upgrades require the original one to upgrade from. My humble opinion would be, you need to install the original OS with all it has, then upgrade to Pro = just like you have done this far. The upgrade is not a complete OS, it's only the upgrade, it requires the OS in order to function.

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