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Windows 7 Windows Background Stuck On Solid Colors Only


New Member
Apr 6, 2009

I am on 7068 and the background was working fine but then suddenly it got stuck on solid colors only. When I change themes it acts like its working but the background doesnt change. I can change the background from IE using set as desktop background. Any ideas? I want my RSS powered rotating background back!
If you tried to repair your registry and/or do a System Restore but to no avail, you may try doing a repair install. Oh, and I had the same problem, too:

Link Removed
There is a completely different solution for people who have been experiencing this in 2011. If you installed the Bing RSS feed theme then after the servers were shut down in feb 2011 you will be unable to change your desktop background despite applying those changes in the personalization menu. The solution is posted here Desktop stuck on solid colours - Win 7 Pro - Microsoft Answers

"Copy and paste this into the search box at the bottom of your Start menu, then hit enter:
In the window that opens, delete the TranscodedWallpaper file, then try to set a wallpaper normally again."