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I want a product that has no back doors, and seems to be open source.
There is no such beast mate... Windows has malware built right into the first iso install and Linux is open to all kinds of hacks in order to be user frendly on the internet.
Where do I go from here?

What i'd do is take a good look at what your needs are, then open a new post and let us know;
  • How many people have to use this system
  • does it need the internet
  • how much money do you have to spend on it and how long does it need to last

These questions will give us a better idea before we offer advise... for instance hyper-v is super-hard to hack on a homegroup/ workgroup network and free but good luck getting any help from Microsoft to set it up... on the other hand vmware (not the free player demo) is aimed at smaller networks and backed up by solid help files/ vids to help you get sorted and ime both these systems are a better option than 3rd party encryption systems on your drives because they have well-paid people working on keeping them up to date.


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I want an encryption product, with no back doors, that produces shareable virtual drives to my LAN. You say there is no such beast, which I will disagree with on the issue of back doors. Windows does readily communicate to Microsoft, but if I hand you one of my encrypted drives the chance of you ever decrypting that data is nil. This has been proven many times with Truecrypt, in some cases where lives or freedom depended on it.

I have taken a good look at my needs and know precisely what I wish to install and it will NOT be a third party commercial product that usually contains admitted back doors or even more likely hidden back doors at the direction on NSA. I live in the USA and must deal with the fact that everything that goes in or out of my machine can be and probably is subject to examination.

For internet communication, I use a VPN that is on 24/7 and is rated as one of the more secure systems. Truecrypt offers exactly what I need and want in a local disk encryption system except that Windows 10 will not allow access to the encrypted drive on the network.

Yes, I know that some people think that Truecrypt was broken, but the audit that was being done found no such trace of a problem and the French fork of the product addressed what some see as an encryption weakness, though there are no credible examples of Truecrypt encryption ever being broken that I've ever seen. Quite the contrary in fact. Unless one of the developers speaks out, we'll probably never know the real reason that the sudden termination of a long running, successful product occurred.

So, what I need is Truecrypt like product that produces shareable drives on a Windows 10 network. It must be open source and available to audit or has been audited. Two, maybe three people use the system and “it” needs to act like any drive attached to my system that is shared. Money isn't the issue, though I would be more than willing to pay support development of such a package.


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I was able to get a veracrypt encrypted file on Win 10 to share across the entire network, however, when I rebooted, it would no longer share. So far, based on the veracrypt forum, I don't think anyone as made it work on Win 10. I have discovered other problems with other third party packages. Until Win 10 is ready for prime time, I'll keep my network pure Win 7. Based on what I'm reading about the Win 10 direction, there is a good chance that I'll eventually load Linux on all of my machines. I used windows because most of my customers used it, but now I'm retired. I have no overwhelming reason not to go Linux. At least I'll have control over my system.