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May 14, 2012
One laptop on my network can see the Win10 machine but gets the do not have permission to access error message when trying to connect to any of the shared folders.

This computer can see all others on the network and access them, except for the Win10 machine, which other computers can see and access.

I'm out of ideas.... Help is needed!
Make sure the Windows 10 machine's network is set to Private and not Public. Public disables file sharing by default.
My two other win 7 machines are having no problem viewing and accessing the win10 machine, which is why I'm at a loss.

It is set to private.
Like I said if it's not set to Private network, and even then double check the file sharing options, it will not do Windows sharing as a security precaution.

Even after verifying these settings, if your using a Home Group then you should join it to that group as well.

See screenshot for details:
That's how it looks. And don't forget that two other win 7 machines can access the win 10 machine with no problem. The problem must be on the laptop win 7 machine, which was working fine, and still can access the win 7 machines.
Try going to credential manager and click on windows credentials. Look for all the PCs on your netwok and make sure all the passwords are correct. You should do this on all PCs, and restart. You should be able to access everything that is shared.
The offending laptop has NO credentials.
I think the functional devices are using homegroup to connect, but I'm not sure.

I don't know what a WX address is.
I can ping the 192 IP. External IP is via a VPN on a shared IP which will not answer a ping.
To recap: W10 can see and access files on W7. W7 can see W10 but gets an error stating: Windows cannot access \\w10\Hold contact admin....
I'm abandoning this thread. I've identified the problem as being a veracrypt incompatibility and should probably be posted as such. Thanks for all the help, as it did get some of my problems resolved.
Perhaps next time start with "hay guys I installed a 3rd party network program and now my network doesn't work" will save us all a lot of time... good luck with it mate.
I would have done that, but I did not realize that it was truecrypt, now veracrypt, that was causing the problem. Most of my drives are encrypted and it was not until I tried accessing an unencrypted drive that I realized the the distinction.

In never occured to me that windows 10 could not handle what windows 7 dealt with just fine. It's an upgrade with enhanced security, right?

I don't consider this a third party problem, but a win 10 problem. Hopefully, it will be resolved by someone! I just don't want to hang my drives out there unencrypted.

I'm sure open to suggestions.
I don't consider this a third party problem, but a win 10 problem.

The basic problem is networks have changed... windows 8 and above use ip6 with encryption built in but Windows 7 and below have ip4.
The thrid party software you installed was made to run on top of an ip4 network and thats not something any one is working on any more because ip6 is better.

To be clear, If you want to live in a ip4 world then more power to you but understand that new systems don't play nice with software made for that world... thats why Microsoft is trying to get people off xp and 7.
Step 1) Uninstall third party software and make sure it is the problem for sure.
I really don't want to live in an IP4 world. The limitations are obvious, but I don't t live with my drives unencrypted. What I need is a viable solution. Truecrypt was a gold standard for years, and veracrypt seems to the the obvious successor. I want a product that has no back doors, and seems to be open source. Where do I go from here?
Perhaps finding you a good veracrypt forum and posting for advice there would be a good solution? :)
I don't think I need to uninstall veracrypt. Drives not encrypted are readily accessible from win7 to win10. I have multiple terabytes of encrypted data. Uninstalling the encryption software and un-encrypting the data would take weeks! Not that I'm willing to have unencrypted drives on my network anyway!
Yes, I will look for a veracrypt forum. Thanx for that suggestion. Sure can't hurt!
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