1. Andyq

    Windows 10 Win10 appearance

    Hello, I would like to ask about appearance on Windows Schemes. Is it possible to still change the Window schemes on Win10 as same as it was in old version of Windows 95,2000,...etc? I dont like the current Win10 one. Im currently on my old computer and I found this cool option to change colors...
  2. J

    Windows 10 Random BSOD and power downs.

    Well, sometimes my Dell Inspiron likes to randomly shut itself down mid-game, but it seems like it doesn't fully shutdown, and I say that because the keyboard will stay lit up, but the blue internal PC LEDs are off as if it is off. I will have to then pull the main power cable from the PSU and...
  3. Cempc

    Windows 10 Cant change from RAID TO ahci

    Hey Guys, im struggeling since a few days with this issue i attach some images to my thread. I came to the conclusion i might have to change from raid to ahci but im not able to manage to do that in my BIOS. Greets Cem
  4. B

    Windows 10 Can't reset, repair, or recover Win 10.

    I have an issue that I hope the experts on the board can help me solve. The short version is that I have a Win 10 Laptop that I wanted to use as a dual-boot Win10/Linux box. I used a Linux LiveUSB to attempt the install. Now I can not boot into, repair, or rescue the Win 10 partition. I am...
  5. Nomad of Norad

    Windows 10 The new "News and Interest" feature in Win10 has stopped giving me the weather

    A few days ago, I noticed my Win10 taskbar had added a new feature to the left of the system-tray, which when moused over, displays news and weather and whatnot. At that location in the taskbar, it was showing me the weather. Mostly it showed the current temperature, and a particular symbol...
  6. Svenn12

    Windows 10 Please Help me i'm in trouble

    Please Help me : i decided to install new windows 10 system in my Lenovo g50-70 laptop .(i was on windows 8.1) but i've faced a problem during installation of win 10 ,so before i format my C directory File, i've moved my important files to D and E and during installation i've deleted my Old C...
  7. W

    Availability & quality of flatbed scanners

    My wife has some artwork that she would like to digitize so she can distribute prints instead of originals. She needs relatively low resolutions of ~300 dpi for web postings and at least 1200 dpi scans for print making. I have a ten year old HP 3750 scanner attached to a Win7 workstation that I...
  8. D

    Windows 10 100% Disk Usage Problem

    Hello, So like many other people on the internet, I have encountered a problem where my disk is running at 100% capacity. Now unlike many other people who have encountered this issue, mine doesn't necessarily linger on the 100% for more than minute when doing nothing, rather my disk will jump...
  9. Nomad of Norad

    Windows 10 "high definition audio device not plugged in" on all mic inputs

    I am having an issue where none of the built in jacks are working for me. I have a mic plugged into the jack at the back, but I get no audio from it at all, and when I plugged another mic into the jack in the front, it got detected but I still got no indication of any sound coming in from that...
  10. ragnarok1968

    Windows 10 Using a VPN on Win10? Prevent Info Leakage

    article:Guide: Prevent DNS leakage while using a VPN on Windows 10 (and Windows 8) While the most popular way to keep your privacy online intact is through the use of a VPN provider, it's not always as straight forward as you think, by just installing it and hoping for the best. For that reason...
  11. P

    Windows 10 Win10 HP Laptop won't recognize HP external optical drive

    I have a 2016 HP Spectre Notebook, product Number T9Y18AV. It has two USBc ports. I am trying to connect an HP External USB DVDRW Drive, Product number: F2B56UT. Windows explorer shows HP DVD assigned to the letter Z:. When I clecik on that drive, I get the error message, "To gain access to...
  12. C

    Windows 10 BSOD - Almost Hourly

    My PC keeps getting a BSOD almost hourly all day long. I have tried going through minidumps, etc... on my own, but I don't know enough to figure out what is causing my problem. I have attached the SYSTEMREPORT zip file plus a Bugcheck Analysis I generated with WinDbg using a recent minidump...
  13. SizZLeR

    Windows 10 CPU upgrade without BSOD?

    Like the title says, will upgrading the CPU of a desktop computer cause Win10 to BSOD and call for a reinstallation? Im considering upgrading from an AMD Phenom II x4 965 to an AMD FX-8370 X8 4.3GHz, but ever since XP, Ive had nothing but problems upgrading CPUs. It caused the computer to start...
  14. KevinT

    Windows 10 Harddrive is gone

    I recently cleaned out my computer (from dust) and when i booted up the PC again the D drive was gone, i suspected that one of the cables was loose and i bought a new one but still dosen't show up.. I have check in "disk management" and so on... but there is no driver there.. Just says "D", "No...
  15. senna889091

    Windows 10 Some windows are always "on top" when I don't want to

    I am having problem with the Win 10 windows management. Sometimes when I am with more softwares in open, I click on the other windows of another software and it is not shown, keeping the previous windows on top still, in other words, the other windows would open in background. I have searched...
  16. Chenlo

    Windows 10 RDP issue - The logon attempt failed

    Hello all, this is my first post in the forum, New member here... I upgraded to win10 recently and RDP keeps giving me error above... I have tried with both accounts I have and I can't rdp in. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? I've been trying for a few days already and everything...
  17. A

    Windows 7 Back to Windows 7 from 10 not booting!

    Hi everyone, I decided to wind back my install of windows 10 to my previous version, windows 7 after getting fed up with the start/cortana problem and having to reboot all of the time with f8. However, when it finally finished the boot menu came up with Windows 7 Windows 7 (recovered) Now...
  18. L

    Windows 10 Devices connected to domain network not showing on network explorer

    I am an administrator on a small business domain network. When viewing my network within the file explorer there are no devices showing however i am connected to the domain and can ping other devices on the network and receive a reply back. I am running the latest win10 pro version with all...
  19. G

    Windows 10 Enable Dark theme in Windows 10

    Hi, I am going to show you how to enable the Dark Theme in Windows 10. After seeing 5000+ request on Win Feedback for it, I thought I'd post it here, since it's technically already here for those that want it. You just need access to your registry to change 2 keys. However, if you were part of...
  20. L

    Windows 10 WIN10 MS ISATAP Adapter & MS Teredo Tunneling Adapter error.

    WIN10 MS ISATAP Adapter & MS Teredo Tunneling Adapter both reporting error 38 - adapter has previous version stored in memory. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?