Windows 10 The new "News and Interest" feature in Win10 has stopped giving me the weather

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Jan 9, 2009
A few days ago, I noticed my Win10 taskbar had added a new feature to the left of the system-tray, which when moused over, displays news and weather and whatnot. At that location in the taskbar, it was showing me the weather. Mostly it showed the current temperature, and a particular symbol to represent cloudy or rainy.

Today, unrelated to that, I had to reboot the machine in order to clear out a particular program window that had hung.

The previous time that particular desktop program hung like that, I could not get it to exit at all. I tried killing the task from inside Task Manager several times over, but that did nothing. It didn't matter how many times I invoked Kill Task, that frozen program window stayed put. The only way out was to to restart the computer. This time around, I decided to skip trying to kill that crashed program in Task Manager and went directly to issuing a shut down. Walked away for a quick snack, came back to find the machine hadn't completely shut down, and was just sitting there on, with both monitors in standby and no disk activity showing, so after wiggling the mouse around to see if that got any attention (and upon subsequently seeing no response from that), and figuring that that one crashed task was the only thing preventing the machine from finishing its shut down, I simply held down the power button until the machine physically shut off.

Anyway, I turned the machine back on, and everything started pretty much like normal... except now, instead of seeing the weather on my taskbar, where its supposed to be, over there next to the system-tray up-carat thingy... I'm seeing a symbol resembling a folded up newspaper. I can mouse over that folded-up-newspaper area, and I see the same News and Interest pane that was popping up before... but now, the weather card is NOT showing anymore, just news stuff. Normally, the more detailed weather info would be on the upper right on that pane, but now its just showing me one of the news items there.

Checking back over the settings for News and Interest, which is configured through Edge browser for some cockeyed reason, I find that it still has the weather card enabled, and the weather feature has my location detected, and everything.... but no matter what I do, its not placed the weather info back into the taskbar or into the pane that pops up when I mouse over that newspaper-symbol. I'm making the assumption that something under the hood at my end got corrupted in there, but i don't know how to fix it, and its driving me batty.

Anyone else have any idea how to get my weather info back to showing on the taskbar again? I am at a loss here.

Edit: Okay, an hour later, something refreshed itself, and now the weather has gone back to showing over there again. The heck...?!? 0o


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