Windows Defender along with every Anti virus I have tried, driving me nuts!

I used to use 3rd party Anti virus.
I have tried AVG (not too skookum)
eset nod
plus a number of anti spyware from spybot to malware bytes
Now I just use the built in Windows Defender and they are all infuriating. I use a BST dongle along with other tools that help me to do the work that I am even paid to do on occasion plus for my own use to root android phones, I used to jail break Apple products too but I despise Apple to the point where I only replace busted screens for people. So the thing that is driving to the point where I am seriously considering removing windows defender and not using any antivirus or anti spyware at all because no matter how many times I try to get the developers to actually class the hits as false positives because they are but they don't and don't even bother to reply to my emails anymore so that I can have them resolve this. I only have to accidentally click remove once and I have to reinstall my apps again but I have to allow them and restore them from quarantine at least once a week and after every update for my BST dongle. It's annoying as hell. And I want to find out how I can permanently allow my apps that I want and not have to continuously allow them over and again. If I don't find a way to do this I am just going to disable windows defender and go without. And what makes it a really sh***y thing for av developers to do this is that I sometimes wonder if it actually is a false positive or an actual virus as I can't trust the av to be telling the truth. And they know it's a false positive but refuse to change it. Avira actually said that in an email for some ridiculous reason for why they wouldn't remove it from their database even though they acknowledged it was a false positive. I can't remember their actual reason verbatim but it was along the lines that because it circumvented Samsung's security that forbids having admin rights and that removing network locks etc... was against what the networks wanted it meant they wouldn't remove the false positive. I know in Canada you can remove a network lock for free now and have for quite a while but at the time the carriers used to charge $75 on bell and $50 on rogers Telus was $35 for a phone that was owned by the customer. Anyway I would even accept an av that didn't re-flag the apps after an update or if I organize my folders and the damn things end up in another location causing them tho be flagged again or after I perform a full scan on my drive. I don't really care for running a virtual machine that have their own headaches to deal with when it comes to USB devices and how they see my wireless card. Thanks to anyone that can help me. Oh and just removing the av's ability to scan such and such a folder only works until the app is run. I have also started to keep copies on SD cards of some of the apps I use but on a less frequent basis so I don't have to allow a bunch but as it is I have 32 other apps that I do use quite a bit that is quite time consuming to go through each one by one allowing them and if I forget to click start before I restore two the seem to only need restoring it resets the others to remove again which means I have to start again one by one allow...


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Well most anti-malware products detect based on heuristics and application functionality to determine if an application is bad. There are a lot of tools especially in what I work on, malware analysis, which do exhibit malicious behavior and can be used for good or bad. That fact that an anti-malware product is detecting it is what it is supposed to do and not really a false positive. White listing tools you use is just the nature of the game, so you'll need to continue to white list them. Your only other option would be to run your system without protection which would be very unwise.


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I've personally found that Bitdefender works fine as the main active security solution and Windows Defender as non-active secondary scanner in Windows 10.
Have you run the uninstall utilities from each a,v,'s sipport page page to fully remove all remnats of it. before trying a different one?
That's a must do.
I can even run ESET's online scanner with my setup. All I have to do is configure Bitdefender to let it do it's job.

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