Windows 10 Windows Deployment inject custom xml


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Hello there,
I currently work at a company where the current image deployment is kind of a mess. We have about 10 different custom PC products for our customers.
All of them need to be installed with a windows 10 image with specific configs. So we have 10 different wims on our wds server which also mages updating a pain in the a** since we have to do it from scratch for every pc.
Since all of them currently relay on win 10 20H2 i would like to replace all the 10 wims with only one basic 20H2 wim and only inject a custom unattended.xml for every pc and then deploy via pxe.
Is there a way to do exacly that? Preferably with a GUI on the customer pc when booting with pxe where you can choose the specific xml.
Greetings From Germany.
You could try and push for your company to license SCCM. You'd be able to easily have one WIM and build task sequences that contain the applications themselves for each deployment.