Windows Equivalent of Xvfb?


I have written some code to automatically take pictures with my Sony RX0M2 camera. I did this using Imaging Edge Desktop application and pyautogui. Imaging Edge is sony's thethered shooting(remote shooting) application. It works good, that is until I remove the screen to the desktop. For my purposes, I need the program to run headless. I've found a way to do this using my code, and pyvirtualdisplay. pyvirtualdisplay wraps Xvfb, allowing the program to run without display. The problem is Xvfb seems to only work for Linux os. Thus, I am wondering if there is any alternative in windows 10? Can I create a virtual display in windows? Do you think Xvfb could be used on windows if I installed Windows Subsystem for Linux(WSL)?

Important Notes:
-I am using GUI control software because my camera has no SDK/API support.
-I have not found a third-party Linux software that controls my camera. If you know of one I'd be much obliged.
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I found a freeware program called "RunProcess.exe" written by Frank P. Westlake that can run a process bound to the desktop of a non-interactive (e.g. off-screen) WindowStation. However, there is no source.

Therefore I've implemented my own version (simpler than Frank Westlake's) with Java and JNA. It's in the Window Licker repository in the tools module. The class is called com.objogate.wl.win32.RunOnDesktop. At some point I may port it to C and make it a normal command-line .exe, or maybe turn it into an Ant task for running tests off-screen.

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