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I was running the Windows Experience Index Assessment under Windows 7 and can't quite understand how my "Primary hard disc" got a 1.9 rating (was 5.7 under Vista). Everthing else was 5.9 and above. Anyone any thoughts on this??????????


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Hi superbill,
It seems that 7 scores your HD on size, age and if it's a SSD or not.... I'm running a RAID 0 set up which has a burst speed of over 350MB/s and an average read of 120MB/s, so not slow... I get a score of 3!
I've noticed though that users running a single HD set-up (say 500GB will score higher than me although the drive will be a lot slower.. The only difference being is that the drive was a lot newer than mine.. Also like I said, windows 7 is more optimised to use SSD's than vista..

The 7 forums also have a couple of threads on this


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Yep.......its a Seagate 500GB Barracuda SATA II 300 7200rpm, only about 3 months old / since I bought it. As you say quite rightly, we should not read too much into these assessment numbers or we would be forever upgrading different parts of our machines. As a example my ageing (almost antique) laptop has a Toshiba MK-4026GAX - Internal hard drive - 2.5" x 1/8H - 5400 rpm - 100 MBps - ATA and yet ends up with the same score as my almost new desktop. Hm...........??????????