Windows Explorer Favorites do not Expand

Basically, I must have done something to mess up Windows Explorer.

  1. On the left I show Favorites with a Star on its left and in the right pane it shows the folders that are Favorites. It used to show those folders Under Favorites in the left pane.
  2. The next item is Desktop and it contains Libraries, Homegroup, Albert, Computer, Network, Control Panel, Recycle Bin. That does not make sense to me; they do not belong under desktop, do they? Desktop should be a child of Albert, and Libraries, Homegroup, Albert
  3. .Under Albert (my account), there is an entry for Links. Links opens up the same folder view as does Favorites. The folders are correct, but it should showe the individual folders on the left hand side under Favorites and not in Links or on the right hand side.
  4. Under Albert, there is also a folder named Favorites that are the IE 8 Favorites and that seems correct.
How do I get back to the original, default Windows Explorer setup to start the process again for setting up my Libraries and Favorites? Alternatively, how do I go about Fixing this? :confused::confused:

I also have the same problem.
My "My computer" section also disappeared at the same time but i have been able to get this back through registry changes which makes me think that this could be a registry based issue..

does anyone know where favourites registry data is located? or explorer registry data?


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Use Yamicsoft Windows 7 manager, customisation - customise system - explorer - tick boxes 1,2,3,&5 not sure which
one worked and the favorites contents are back expanded in the left hand pane. Also go to your most used programs
create shortcuts and put them in the links folder and these appear expanded in your favorites pane as well.

Hope this helps if you havn't already fixed it

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