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    When I am browsing in windows explorer, navigating through folders by opening them in the main view, the treeview does not reflect this. That is to say, I'll make it to my windows fonts folder and the treeview will still be displaying my hard drives as if I had never gone anywhere. EDIT: Ok i found a checkbox that fixes this. Why the heck is this not the default behavior?

    In addition, the font preview does not display truetype fonts, as far as I can tell. Also, why is century gothic no longer included?

    Windows media player no longer has its infinitely useful toolbar that lets you embed it in the taskbar for easy access to its play controls. You can still technically do that by right-clicking on it, but it'd be a lot more useful if the toolbar was restored. That toolbar is the primary reason I use windows media player.

    I would bring up some of the more confusing aspects of the new taskbar but that seems like its already been brought up numerous times.

    However, I dislike that the notes have a place in the taskbar. They should either just be floating entities with no taskbar connection or the program should be in the system tray. Also, there is no apparent way to change the default color from green on the notes, nor is there a way to change the font (that i have found). More specifically there doesn't seem to be a configuration page for notes at all.

    When Libraries contain only one folder, which in this case would be my current Documents, Music, and Picture libraries (since i hate those public folders), they still persist in making you go through a menu with only one folder in it. This seems rather unnecessary and it would be of great convenience to the user if single-item libraries skipped their internal folder contents.
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