Windows 7 Windows Explorer has stopped working.


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When I open some specific folders windows freezes and i get the message "Windows Explorer has stopped working.". Then i click on "restart windows explorer" and it works fine. I havent noticed, but I think I get the error with folder where are .OGM files. I downloaded ogm file on my desktop and wasnt able to do anything, because it was causing errors non-stop. I dont have any codecs installed, because I use GOM player. When I try to open those files through the player, I dont get the error. Can this be solved?
i got that problem i did like sfc /scannow in command prompat
but the problem still nothing change could u help me please and tell me wat i have to do
thank you

Eddy Mustafa
The problem may be that Win7 is trying to show a preview of the files on the icon but can't find a suitable codec.

In windows Explorer try turning off the preview pane and details panes and see what happens...
Explorer -> Organize -> Layout.

Also, if you click on an OGM file, does it launch in the player?
It could also be that the file association is broken.