Windows Failed to Start Properly

After an hour or two of using my PC, It would then shut its self down and restart wanting to restore to an early point where the PC was working correctly.

Just in case you are wondering my PC is a Toshiba Satellite L850D, Windows 8.0.


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Windows 8 makes it harder to troubleshoot problems with the system because the Repair operation is not transparent. But from what you describe, I would guess you may be having problems with corruption caused by a hard drive problem, or memory which ends up causing the corruption.

You could check the event viewer to see if any consistent error messages are showing up regarding the problem.

I would also disable the Windows Fast Startup, if you are using it.

Does you system use the Intel Smart Response Technology where a small SSD is used for a cache drive for the hard drive?

You might also consider a virus problem and check for that.

Ok, I will try them things now, I don't know about the SSD, Its just problem after problem with my PC, its on its third hard drive.


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Can you tell us about the problems with the prior drives? It would seem logical something other than the drive would be responsible for multiple drives needing to be replaced.

Maybe the physical connection, or the drive controller or some other motherboard component, even the memory or possibly processor.

with both prior drives they had become corrupted. And when I rang Currys PC world (where I bought the PC) every time they told me the same thing, which was to reset to factory settings and if it happened again take it into my local store.


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It sounds like your system is having some problems you may need to take it to the store to get taken care of.

Since you have tried changing hard drives and the same thing seems to occur, if you were not in any type of warranty and wanted to work on it yourself, there are only a few things I could think of.

First, does it appear to run hot? Does the cooling fan stay at high speeds all the time or change speeds often?

Can you check the bios to see what type of SATA controller is being used, AHCI or IDE, or RAID?

Have you tried updating the SATA controller drivers? I notice it has an AMD chipset, have you tried updating the drivers for that?

Have you tried running a memory test on the unit?

Do you have access to install media other than the factory version? Do you have an old hard drive you could swap out and try running Ubuntu or some other OS? I don't think it is the actual OS, but maybe something the factory has added, or some drivers included for certain devices..

Again, if there is any warranty, it would seem to be a good time to use it.

My system never really gets hot and + plus most of the things you are suggesting to do I don't understand + I don't have access to another OS install.

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