Resolving "Kinect Monitor (KinectMonitor) failed to start."


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Today is a quick post from the one and only Bruno Capuano...

[#KINECTSDK] Error: Kinect Monitor (KinectMonitor) failed to start.

Today is (again) a quick post. I hope this one is my last error fixing of the year 2014. Todays issue is related to the installation process of Kinect SDK V2. If you were using old sdks, you’ll probably find this error message

Error code: 1920

Kinect Monitor (KinectMonitor) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services

So is time to check the log in temp folder. There is a message which suggest me that previous versions of the KinectSDK not deleted some files on the uninstall process. And that’s why, the current Installer had problems to deploy and register a new Kinect service .


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