Windows in the future, and windows a monopoly. Share your thoughts


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Windows has been around for as long as we could remember. It's installed in 90% of computers in the world leaving only 9% for mac osx and 1% for linux. I personally think Microsoft came up with great business ideas, such as making deals with every single computer company in the world to have windows installed on their platforms.

Xp came out in 2001 and is still the most used operating system in the world. Microsoft had an increasingly high shock price, the same apple is now. Then they got sued for having a monopoly. If you don't know, Microsoft was sued by the government for having a monopoly. Usually, companies have competition, but Microsoft didn't (And still doesn't.) have competition. They stated that people should have a choice, if Microsoft was to expensive to get another operating system, but that just wasn't the case, and still isn't the case which is why there upgrade prices remain so high.

Then came windows vista, the fall of Microsoft, like they always say, nothing last forever. Personally, I've never ran into problems with Windows vista, my mother has it installed in her laptop, never an issue, but I'm basing this off reviews I've read off the internet from users. They claimed Windows Vista crashes to often, it isn't stable, it's slower than XP, the only good thing they had to say about windows vista was it original glass design which I like. I personally think they tried to add to many new features in windows vista which caused all these issues. I'm not going to even discuss windows vista SP2, lets move on ahead to windows 7.

Personally, although windows 7 isn't my main operating system, I sort-of like it. I mean, it's nothing far from vista, it's just a less annoying version of vista with new aero features in which are very CPU consuming. I don't think windows 7 is worth the 170 dollar upgrade. I know, you could get it cheaper from other places, but I feel Microsoft owed there customers a cheaper price. They want to encourage windows XP users to make the switch, but most won't. Why not you ask? Well, most computers users use the computer to browse the internet, and talk to friends etc. Some people can't afford the 170 dollar upgrade, it's just way to expensive for what your getting for your money. Maybe a 50 dollar price tag would've been better...

And now as we look at Windows, we wonder where it will be in the future. The stock prices aren't doing to hot, and they plan on coming out with a Windows 8 which they claim will be a huge risk on there part, so I'm left here to wonder, what do they mean by that.

Back to my other point, Microsoft is definitely a monopoly. What other choices do you really have. If you want MAC OSX you'll need to purchase a mac, or you could go with linux, but it's free which therefore means Microsoft is a monopoly (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

Anyways, where do you guys think Windows will be in the future? Will windows 8 be this huge risk? What do you hope to see in windows 8? Do you ever think mac osx or even linux will take windows slot, I personally don't think so, but I'm sparking up a conversation.



Windows 7 is by far, not just "nothing far from vista", a huge improvement. The improvements made over Vista are nothing short of astounding. Try running Vista on a 768 MB RDRAM (RAMBUS) machine with P4 non-hyperthreading 1.5 GHz CPU and AGP NVIDIA 6200A-Le. You could solve world hunger by the time Vista would even get to desktop.

The same exact machine running Windows 7 here has an uptime of months, without crashes ever. The only thing that the machine goes down for is when there is a local power outage. It runs very well and smooth, and perfect for what my family uses it for - mp3s (Winamp), internet (Firefox, YouTube etc..), DVD videos....

The memory management of Windows 7 is greatly improved and responsible for the dramatic difference in being able to run on the above mentioned machine.

I have said it may times here and on other sites that I really believe (opinion, of course) that Windows 7 is the absolute perfect OS. I am as technical as someone can get...I know a little about a lot, if you understand what I'm saying, basically. I do a little of everything on the pc. And Windows 7 continues to amaze me at how quick, reliable and simply "usable" the OS really is.

I have never in my life been a fan of Microsoft. I have absolutely no affiliation with Microsoft in any way, but they really did something right this time around.


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Sounds good, thanks for your input. But I don't think it's the "perfect" OS, no OS is perfect. But I must stay, windows 7 has been reliable to me while in use on my desktop, but I still feel that it's nothing far from VISTA, just better looking and less annoying.

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